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GAN EDEN produced a broad spectrum of wines to appeal to a range of tastes. Many of our wines, being hand crafted, are distinctively styled in comparison to other California offerings of the same varietals, and reflect my (Craig Winchell's) individual tastes, which are not always in step with those of the more general wine community. Most people feel strongly about my wines, either loving them or hating them. It pleases me that people feel passionate about my wines. Few things would make me less comfortable than to have a wine which everyone liked; producing commercial, generically styled commodities is not why I got into winemaking. I have my commercial successes and failures, and I occasionally have a disaster. Far less frequently, I have made wines which don't even appeal to me. Generally, though, the wines appeal to me like no others made anywhere else. And so I hope that you find one (or more) among my portfolio which appeal(s) strongly to you.

One note, so that you know... my Cabernets tend to be quite full flavored and robust. They are not for the meek. My whites, if I must generalize, tend to be well balanced, but on the acid side. I pretty much just use whites for fish, preferring reds for everything else, despite the fact that I make more white than red wine. What can I say, whites can be useful, but generally don't have the "oomph" that I crave.

One urgent plea... please don't be so serious about wine. Find some you like, and analyze why you like them. Don't listen to the writers, or the competitions. There are excellent tasting wines around which never win medals, and there are medal winners which are undrinkable. Use your own judgement, and drink the wines you enjoy. Wine is a subjective pleasure, so wine writers write from their own points of view, not yours.


Red Wines-Dry,

1997 Limited Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendocino County- Our flagship wine. 30 medals. Excellent. It's from high mountain grapes, so it's got "oomph". Yet, it's from the great '97 vintage, which almost universally produced wines of tremendous accessibility. The best of both worlds, it should age for years, but is drinkable now. A really lovely wine, great with red meats of any type. $40.00/bottle

1996 Cuvee "Les Trois Canards", California-Sold Out!-2 medals in the first 3 competitions of the 2003 season! Exhibits lovely balance and beautiful color, with complex aromas and flavors reminiscent of cherries, dried flowers, pepper and rare perfume. Medium bodied, mevushal! Believe it or not, the only curry-friendly wine I have ever come across, although great with red meats as well. This is really a unique wine. $18.00/bottle

2000 Syrah, California- A robust red, rich and full bodied. Complex fruit reminiscent of sour cherry, blackberry and spice, overlaid with powerful and distinctive hot pepper component. Lavishly but not overpoweringly oaked. Deep ruby color. Gold in its first competition, the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (2003), 3 golds and 12 medals total! $18.00/bottle

2000 Cabernet Sauvignon, California-Nearly Sold Out!-Reminiscent of plums, cherries, blackberries and currants. Medium bodied but full flavored, and very well balanced. Subtle oak nuances complete the package. Beautiful ruby color. 12 medals total so far. $16.00/bottle


White Wines-Dry

2000 Chardonnay, El Dorado County-Sold Out!-Bright and fruity with an overlay of new toasty French oak. This medal winning wine exhibits complex flavors and high acidity, making it an excellent accompaniment to a broad spectrum of fish and poultry dishes. $16.00/bottle

cuvee "C'est Bouilli!", California- Sold Out!-Medal Winner, but frankly, showing its age. A blend of vintages. The first mevushal Chardonnay produced by GAN EDEN , it is a lean, complex wine with ripe fruit flavors and a rich, oaky backbone. This medal winning wine complements a wide range of poultry and fish. was $12.00/bottle, now $9.00/bottle. Buy several cases, and we may do quite a bit better on price.

Chardonnay, California- Sold Out!- Medal Winner! A blend of vintages. This is riper, sweeter and with lower acidity than our previous Chardonnays, a style finding huge demand. Complex, with ripe fruit, and not extremely oaky, this wine will find many fans. Because of it's low acidity, it's a wine to drink now, perhaps with a cream sauce, or other rich food. It's not a keeper, but can be a good drink. Price was reduced, because I perceive the low acidity to be a flaw which will decrease its life. It's beginning to taste a little older, less fresh. For that reason, we dropped the price to the bargain bin. At this price, it's certainly among the best kosher buys around-- a decent, drinkable white wine with character at $2.22/bottle before shipping, or in California, around $4.00/bottle total.

1993 Chardonnay Reserve, Sonoma County-Sold Out!-A rich, well balanced wine, with an undercurrent of oak character. Excellent with sauced chicken, salmon, turkey. Almost out of this excellent wine. This white is represented in our wine sale, for practically "give away" prices. I'm down to around 10 cases left. As of a tasting earlier this year, it's tasting a little "long in the tooth". $6.00/bottle

1993 Semillon, Sonoma County-Sold Out!-Another rich wine, barrel fermented for great complexity, this was a great wine with white fleshed fish and lighter chicken dishes. Unfortunately some of the bottles are showing their age, but others are just as vibrant as when they were first bottled. We have a few cases left of this wine, and it is on sale. It's worth buying because of the occasional "great" bottle, although most would now just be in the "good" quality range. $6.00/bottle

1994 Chardonnay, Sonoma County-Sold Out! What we had left was purchased by LoDato Wine Company in Kingston, NY. It's a real bargain. Lighter and with an acidic zing, this is a more refreshing accompaniment to many foods. Try it with pastas (except with tomato sauce), any fish, simple chicken or turkey. Still plenty left, it is easy to drink, and hard to find a wine this good at the sale price.

1995 Sauvignon Blanc, California- Sold Out! This all was purchased by LoDato Wine Company in the Hudson Valley of New York. Vince LoDato knows a bargain when he sees it. This wine was released late. It has won several medals, including a gold in the San Diego National Wine Competition. Another wine represented in our wine sale. The more I taste it, the more I like it. And the price is definitely right.


Rose' Wines

1995 Moscato Nero, San Joaquin County-Sold out!- A semi-sweet, aromatic rose' made from the Black Muscat grape. This wine is a perfect sipper and picnic wine. Its sweetness and aromatic qualities allowed it to go well with dessert, or as an aperitif (I use the past tense because it is showing its age, and is frankly not as good as it once was. However, it's still quite drinkable), while it can also enhance some simple main dishes (salmon crepes with hollandaise and creamed spinach crepes and the like). We are almost out of it, and it is represented in our wine sale. Still a good wine for the price. $6.00/bottle


Sweet Red Wines

1998 Black Muscat, San Joaquin County-Sold Out-14 medals in 2002, and 9 in the 2003 season! Like the '97 and '96 before it, this wine has won more medals (including golds) than I can even remember. I believe it won 13 medals in 2001, mostly golds and silvers. This is a little sweeter than the '97, at 8%. $14.00/bottle

1997 Black Muscat, San Joaquin County- Unfortunately, sold out. However, the '98 vintage, at a slightly higher price, is an excellent successor to the '97. This wine has won a slew of medals. It took Best of Class at the San Diego National Wine Competition, and many other golds. 7% residual sugar, as compared to 5% for the 1996. If you like the 1996, you'll definitely love the 1997. 13 medals in 2000.

1996 Black Muscat, San Joaquin County- Sold Out! Aromatic, light and sweet, this popular wine goes best with bittersweet chocolate, but I've tasted it deliciously paired to an incredible dessert fettucine with berries in a mint tea sauce. Too sweet for main dishes, this comes into its own with a bitter chocolate moose or chocolate decadence cake, or better yet with just a chunk of Callebaut. At this point in time, the 1998 is better. We still have a few cases (under 20 cases left) of this available at a slightly lower price, however.


Sweet White Wines

2000 Late Harvest Gewurztraminer-Sold Out!-11 medals in 2002 and 9 in 2003 season, including 3 golds! Delicious!! Slightly sweeter than the '97, at 9% residual sugar (as opposed to 8% for the '97), but beautifully acid balanced, this may be my best Late Harvest Gewurztraminer to date. $14.00/bottle

1997 Late Harvest Gewurztraminer- sold out!! Hard to pronounce, but incredibly easy to drink. This is the wine to serve with citrusy, light desserts. Aromatic and balanced, it's great by itself as an aperitif, but even better at the end of a meal. It can also be used to create incredible sorbets for intermezzo purposes. 12 medals in 2000.


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