GAN EDEN: What's New

Due to our childrens' need to have a Jewish education of a quality unavailable in northern California at the present time, we have terminated GAN EDEN's corporate entity, Yayin Corp., sold the winery facility (and with it, our home and office) and have moved to Southern California. The two wines remaining, GAN EDEN's 1997 Limited Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and GAN EDEN's 2000 Syrah are available throught Craig Winchell dba GAN EDEN Wines. The best way to get in touch with me is via my cell phone: 707-494-7095 . It is Verizon, so unless you are calling me on another Verizon phone, it would be helpful to limit calls as best we can to nights and weekends. We are in the process of moving to southern California, but have yet to set up a land line, but will do so as soon as is feasible.


The Liquidation Sale- Still happening!!

Here's how it's working now:

I still have a not-so-limited amount of wine left in inventory. Through the rest of February, just to see whether anyone is still reading my web site. I'm selling quantities of 10 cases of the 1997 GAN EDEN Cabernet Sauvignon for $150 per case- an extraordinary deal! I'm convinced it would be the best $15 bottle on the market. But it's just $12.50 per bottle.


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